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Floor Plans (from 590 SF to 1870 SF)

East Tower Floor Plans

The Aspen (868 Sq Ft)

The Chestnut (1049 Sq Ft)

The Elm (1122 Sq Ft)

The Juniper (1178 Sq Ft)

The Maple (1406 Sq Ft)

The Sequoia (1554 Sq Ft)

The willow (1870 Sq Ft)

The Cedar (915 Sq Ft)

The Dogwood (1066 Sq Ft)

The Hickory (1162 Sq Ft)

The Laurel (1391 Sq Ft)

The Persimmon (1470 Sq Ft)

The Sycamore (1658 Sq Ft)

West Tower Floor Plans

The Lubbock (590 Sq Ft)

The Odessa (840 Sq Ft)

The San Antonio (1180 Sq Ft)

The Amarillo (746 Sq Ft)

The Fort Worth (1155 Sq Ft)

The Houston (1170 - 1180 Sq ft)

* Only a sampling of the plans offered in the West Tower.

Customizations, Downsizing and Transition specialists

Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor has a team of talented professionals both inside and outside of our organization that work hard to ease the stress of making a transition. Our Options Coordinator can work with you on customizing your unit. From built-ins to custom paint we can assist you in making your new home something that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. Our network of designers, downsizing and organization specialists, movers, packers / unpackers, transition coordinators, technology assistance and more have all the knowledge necessary to make sure you have all the support you need for a smooth, successful transition into the next chapter of your life.

No reason to face this task alone – let us help – we’ve been doing it for decades.