Assisted Living at Brazos Towers

After providing care for Houston area seniors for more than half a century we know the secret to providing successful support services. The key is to listen to the resident and understand how they prefer their care to be rendered. At Brazos Towers we honor the individual and want to meet their care needs in a way that brings them both comfort and confidence. Every person is different, which is why we believe care can’t be standardized – it must be personalized.

Since Brazos Towers offers a FULL continuum of care – all the way through skilled nursing, most of our Assisted Living residents initially came to live here as Independent Living residents.

We have had the opportunity to get to know each other over the years and have become like family to one another. They know they have a voice at Brazos Towers and we encourage them to make their voice heard, giving them their own Resident Association which deals specifically with the resident experience in Assisted Living at Brazos Towers. Our team of caring professionals partner with our residents to develop ongoing personalized care plans that incorporate the preferences of each resident. Taking the time to make each resident feel the respect we hold for them. It’s the personal touch you don’t find just anywhere, but for us rendering care is more than just a job…it’s an honor.

A long-term care Ombudsman helps residents of a nursing facility and residents of an assisted living facility resolve complaints. The help provided by an Ombudsman is confidential and free of charge. To speak with an Ombudsman, call 800.296.2606.

Tips For Knowing When The Time Is Right

Over the past decades our experience has shown us that the need for assistance with activities of daily living typically doesn’t happen overnight, it happens incrementally. Usually it starts with things like medication management, showering, getting dressed in the morning or getting ready for bed at night. Things that are easily scheduled. Residents of Brazos Towers may choose to incorporate home care services while staying in their independent living apartments. Once care starts being needed in ways that may not be as easy to schedule the time is right for them to transition into the Assisted Living area of our campus. However, the resident will always have a say as to when that transition will happen. As conditions change our team notices and that is when conversation starts about an eventual transition to Assisted Living. Always making sure the resident and their family or allies are an integral part of that decision making process.

Needs May Change, But Independence is The Constant Goal

If residents prefer to eat in the Bistro or the Main Dining Room on the ground floor, they are always welcome to do so. If they would like to participate in events or activities offered in our event center or bar lounge, their neighbors are always happy to see them. As long as they are capable of getting to and from their apartment safely by themselves, we encourage them to spend their days however they see fit, allowing them the independence to do whatever brings them joy. Continued engagement with the neighbors they’ve come to love is paramount in maintaining their highest level of living and that is a constant goal for all of us at Brazos Towers.

Customized Support

No two people are the same and there is no time that becomes more important than when it comes to personal care. That is precisely why the care team at Brazos Towers makes the time to discover the personal preferences of each of our residents. The need for personal care services is never something independent adults look forward to, however it is the normal course of life. Receiving that personal care becomes much more palatable when you have a say in how the care is rendered. For example, if you aren’t a morning person, then you probably don’t want to eat your breakfast at 8am – maybe brunch is more your style. Things like that seem small, but when you are on the receiving end of it, it’s important. It’s the little things that go a long way and honoring our residents in that way is just part of what makes Brazos Towers such a special place.

Residents living in Assisted Living receive round the clock assistance with their activities of daily living. Assistance with things like bathing; grooming and hygiene; dressing; medication management; three meals a day provided with special nutrition needs considered; supervision with transferring; 24 hour caregiving assistance on call; urgent response systems in each apartment; transportation; housekeeping and laundry services; along with an organized assisted living activities calendar. Our services are all-inclusive and not charged for on an “a la carte” basis. All the services you need in the same community that you’ve come to call home.


All the Assisted Living residences in Brazos Towers are one bedrooms with spacious living rooms, separate bedrooms, large windows and walk in closets. Assisted Living common areas offer private dining rooms, group cooking areas, their own library and activities center and their own living room areas. However Assisted Living residents are also welcome to enjoy all of our 40,000 square feet of common area on the ground floor of the community.

Common Areas

Living Spaces

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