InPower Yourself with Wellness and Fitness

InPower, Brazos Towers approach to wellness, encourages residents to LIVE MORE. Our philosophy addresses every area of health and well-being – Mind, Body, Heart and Soul – and creates a customized program for individual preferences. We begin to InPower you by listening. We’ll learn about your life, your activities and interests and your hopes and dreams. Our experienced staff will explore with you how to develop a plan to InPower your life. InPower is an expression of our commitment to inspire our residents to live the rich and fulfilling lives they desire. Through a carefully tailored mix of intellectual stimulation, physical optimization, social engagement and spiritual fulfillment, InPower at Brazos Towers will help residents to LIVE MORE.

My Goal is to Stay Active and Healthy Longer, How Can You Help?

There are several university studies that have shown persons living in retirement communities live more active, social, healthy lives for longer.

With our dedication to whole-person wellness, we provide an environment supportive of your physical, spiritual, intellectual and social needs. InPower supports these wellness initiatives with delicious and healthy meals, the pool and fitness center, walking trails, gardens, and a myriad of activities and opportunities for community involvement at your fingertips. Ask us how InPower can help you to live a long, meaningful, and healthy life.

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