Life Plan Communities (a.k.a. CCRCs) are communities designed for residents who wish to move in while they’re still independent. The idea is they move when they’re strong and then relax and age in place. When they move into a Life Plan Community, they will be able to take advantage of higher levels of support as their needs change, without having to leave or move into a different community.

Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor is what we like to call a Life Plan Community, because we offer all the services that may be needed for the remainder of your life. Furthermore, the residents are an integral part of the process. Our team of professionals work closely with each resident to explore the various options they have to choose from for their care, their lifestyle and their happiness. The human component is the key.

Visit with one of our Retirement Experts. We’ll pre-qualify you for life here at Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor, discuss what you can realistically afford, and create a plan together. Of course, we’ll do all this after making sure you’ve seen everything our community offers so you’ll know that you’ll absolutely love living here!

We offer choices! with 26 different floor plans – we have something for everyone. Smaller, cozier choices for those looking for a great value, and expansive customized options for those with the means and desire to live larger. We have been doing this for over 50 years, and have been trusted by generations of Houstonians as a trend-setter in the industry of retirement. We like to call it “Re-Inspire-ment!”

Costs can vary depending on the amount of support required, which is why costs seem to vary so wildly. In addition, month-to-month facilities and Life Plan Communities offer very different pricing structures, so it’s important to compare your options for senior living.

A month-to-month community could offer services for as little as $1600 to $3500 per month, but these services may not be all-inclusive. Living in a month-to-month facility, one can incur costs which are drastically higher than previously anticipated if those services become necessary. It’s not always easy to plan which services you’ll require in advance, so keep that in mind when making choices. Life Plan Communities tend to be all-inclusive in their pricing and offer discounts and benefits for additional support services as needed.

There are three things that make us unique. First, our residents! We’ve got four generations of vibrant modern seniors with a life plan used to reduce their stressful responsibilities and chores. They are living their joy, assured that many of life’s little unknowns will be handled for them. Our residents are “InPower-ed” to make their dreams their reality, whatever those dreams might look like.

Second, our legacy! We’ve delivered over 50 years of service to Houston area seniors. We’ve served generations of families since 1963.

Finally, our location is amazing. On our seven-acre campus covered with lush landscape and walking trials, our residents enjoy a beautiful oasis in the heart of Houston and the convenience of proximity to all of the city’s most popular destinations.

There are several university studies that have shown persons living in retirement communities live more active, social, healthy lives for longer.

With our dedication to whole-person wellness, we provide an environment supportive of your physical, spiritual, intellectual and social needs. InPower supports these wellness initiatives with delicious and healthy meals, the pool and fitness center, walking trails, gardens, and a myriad of activities and opportunities for community involvement at your fingertips. Ask us how InPower can help you to live a long, meaningful, and healthy life.

To live here you must be 62 years or older and all of those interested in residency must complete an application process for pre-qualification.

Contact us today to learn more.

It depends on the size of the residence. We have a lot of senior apartments in multiple sizes to meet multiple needs. Monthly fees can range from $2,500 to over $8,000.

It’s best to discuss your options with a Retirement Counselor in person. Other costs can also apply, and all interested parties must be pre-qualified prior to residency. Those who qualify and who choose to live in our community receive what we call “Life Care“. Discounts and benefits in their future healthcare and the assurance of knowing if they outlive their assets they won’t be asked to move away.

Call or drop by for more specific information. We think you’re going to be very pleased with what we have to share with you!

Brazos Presbyterian Homes (501(c)3) is the parent organization for Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor and The Hallmark, located in Houston, TX, and Longhorn Village in Austin, TX.

The fact that our organization is more of a boutique size and locally based allows us the ability to remain flexible to the specific needs of our individual residents.

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