Resident members of Brazos Towers join our premier retirement community as independent living, active adults (minimum age 62 years). Not only do we offer the most vibrant, engaged independent retirement living in Houston, but we are also fully equipped to support residents when they experience changes or challenges. As a non-profit, full service luxury community, Brazos Towers offers all the levels of living seniors may need to age successfully.

What makes Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor
one-of-a-kind compared to other senior communities?

The people, the surroundings and the personal attention to our residents. We intend to become your long-term family, a sea of familiar faces that will surround you and support you in your life goals. You won’t have to worry about making another move, or about interacting with strangers in the event you need additional care.

You’ll feel like you’re living a vibrant resort lifestyle. Stop by and see us, and we’ll show you what we mean.

Like all Things in Life, What Lies Ahead is Unknown.

After surgery, a temporary change of health condition, or even if capabilities change dramatically or permanently following an unexpected health crisis, our residents know they are in good hands here. They can count on access to more support through our care continuum, Life Care, an all-inclusive program we have been providing for more than half a century that includes multiple levels of care. When planning for the future, our residents rest assured they have chosen the perfect place to call home regardless of what changes life brings.

With all the Care Options Available Right in Their Community, Seniors Have Peace of Mind Knowing They Came to the Right Place.

At Brazos Towers, care decisions are driven by the resident members and others important to their decision-making process. Many choose to have home care services directly in their independent living apartments as needed to maintain maximum independence. When a resident feels ready to make a transition, receiving additional care is effortless. Seniors also have the freedom to move within the community to access those services.

Care options include Assisted Living, Memory Care, Medicare-Certified Short-Term Rehabilitation, and Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care – plus an on-site therapy suite offering in and out-patient therapy services (physical, occupational, speech and aquatic).

Families Benefit from the Care Continuum as Well.

When loved ones experience unforeseen health changes, family members won’t find themselves scrambling to accommodate new needs. They know they are in good hands with the Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor team and trust that they have the freedom to age in place according to their own plan – not someone else’s.

Questions You May Be Asking.

Why Should I Consider A Move To Brazos Towers?

  • If you spend too much time at home alone and sometimes wish you had more friends?
  • If house maintenance, lawn care, shopping and cooking are becoming burdensome tasks?
  • If you want more time to pursue hobbies, travel, go to classes or stay in shape?
  • Are you worried about where you or your spouse would be cared for if necessary?
  • Do you want to be sure your children are not worrying about your future?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, Brazos Towers maybe the place for you. A common theme among our residents is, they should have moved sooner to enjoy the freedom of living at this distinctive community. Learn more by reading some resident testimonials.

Why Is A Life Plan Community So Important?

  • A “Life Plan” means you will receive long-term health care services regardless of your needs without moving from Brazos Towers.
  • At a Life Plan Community, you know where you would receive assisted living and nursing services, who would be caring for you, how much it will cost and how you would pay for it.
  • With our comprehensive program of wellness activities, in-home services, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, memory support and nursing care, you will get the level of care you require for as long as you need it.
  • If you move to the health care center, it will be a great relief to know you can do it within the community with the help of people who know you and respect your needs. And, with that, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and loved ones can relax with the confidence you are being well cared for.

Why Choose Non-Profit?

The fact there are differences between communities is expected, but many times those differences run deeper than some consumers choose to dig. For example what are some of the inherent differences between “For Profit” and “Non Profit” communities? How does knowing this information affect you now or in the future? Some of the more subtle differences would include:

For Profit Company

Non Profit Company

  • Changes are made first to satisfy investors/stockholders then to satisfy residents
  • Higher probability of change of ownership
  • Higher probability of turnover of residents and staff
  • Not typically on board with financial report disclosure
  • Need for higher profit margin may effect annual fee adjustments
  • Typically larger companies – less flexible
  • The residents feel they have more of a vested interest in communities where they can be involved in decision making
  • Fee increases are based on need not profit
  • Benevolence giving and Life Care Benefits (ask us more)
  • Disclosure of annual financial reports
  • Stronger applicant screening practices
  • More resident centered environment
  • Feels more like family
  • Typically more longevity of service – reputation

Life Care Benefits

Why Should You Pay An Entrance Fee vs. Doing Just A Month To Month Rental?

  • As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization Brazos Towers provides assistance to residents who, through no fault of their own, outlive their assets.
  • Peace of mind knowing that if your health needs change you won’t have to move from the community where you chose to live. You simply make a change within the community and receive a higher level of care.
  • Possibility of receiving tax deductions as a medical expense from the non-refundable portion of your Entrance Fee and a portion of your ongoing Monthly Fee. (Tax benefit amount is based on individual tax profile – discuss with your tax professional for a better understanding of your allowable tax benefits)
  • Brazos Towers residents benefit from discounted rates for Assisted Living and Long Term Care in the Health Care Center compared to other health care related centers.
  • Receive 30 days a year (per person) of complimentary care in our Health Care Center each year that you reside in Independent Living.

Your retirement counselor can provide more information for you about the many care benefits available at Brazos Towers.

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