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Hurricane Harvey Donations

We would like to take a moment to share a sincere Thank You!
Thank you to our neighbors, friends and families who gave so generously to us during the aftermath of Harvey. Gave of their time, their shelter, their strength, their faith, their compassion and their unwavering spirit! The support they showed us during a very difficult time was more valuable to us than they will ever know.

Our residents were so gracious and patient while life’s everyday luxuries became so limited. They too showed us how lucky we are to be part of their world. Last, but certainly not least (because we could never do what we do without them) Our Staff!! Their stamina and tenacity during the difficult times did not go unnoticed. Their smiling faces continued to shine bright – even in the darkness. In the end we all came to realize the real meaning of “circling the wagons”; “making the best of a difficult situation”; and most of all we learned how lucky we all are to be part of a community that calls itself a FAMILY.

Together we are all HOUSTON STRONG!! And we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor

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Prefer to mail in your donation? If you would prefer to send your donation via check or set-up automatic withdrawals, please print the Giving Form and send along with your donation.